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Let dust capacity


Let the dust capacity is not filter for atmospheric dust when scrap the weight, it is filter in the particular test conditions hold specific test of the weight of the dust. Here the "special" is to point to:


Standard test wind tunnel, and relevant test and measurement equipment;


Atmospheric dust grain than the actual's standard "road dust";


The agent and test party agreed, or standard test method and calculation method;


The agent and filter the agreed termination test condition.


Let the dust capacity and filter the actual hold the weight of the dust no direct corresponding relation, encourage the measurement data to users let dust have no meaning. For example, a filter test dust capacity for 600 g capacity, the actual use of it may contain 2.5 kg of atmospheric dust; The other a tolerance of the dust capacity for 900 g, into your hands it may have to live 1.5 kg bag dust. Only the test conditions and same test dust, can according to let dust capacity data to estimate only filter which is better than the other will only some of the longer life.


Professional laboratory and filter manufacturers in the evaluation of the general ventilation use filter product, to filter for destructive diffuse test, its purpose is according to related test standard evaluation filter in the whole process of test average efficiency, let the dust capacity is this kind of test of a batch of data that one of the data. How to lab insist for a long time to send to filter dust test, the student can use at historical data to compare a filter is superior, it is difficult to make clear who let dust capacity number of practical significance.


American and European standards the conditions for the termination of the test is:


Resistance to the early 2 times or higher resistance;


Instantaneous filtration efficiency less than 85% of the value of the highest efficiency. Most of the resistance of the filter only to rise not drop, only in fluffy crude fiber ( 10 μ m) material made of low efficiency filter may appear in the second case. Obviously, when testing the higher end resistance set, get let the dust capacity value. So, the principal and subject to the conditions specified terminate experiment, otherwise, let the dust capacity data haven't DuoDa significance.


Europe Eurovernt4/9 standards of termination test resistance for 450 Pa, the data is far far higher than 2 times, but it is early resistance efficiency test and not let dust capacity test.


China standard provisions of the only "rough effect" filter to diffuse test, its purpose is to get down heavy efficiency but let dust capacity. When discussion with others let dust capacity, you have to know each other and say which country of words.


Europe and America standard test dust commonly known as the main component, ASHRAE dust for "AC fine ash", that is the Arizona desert terrain a particular place the dust (ArizonaRoadDust), in AC fine ash mixed in specific proportion of fine carbon black and short fiber became after ASHRAE dust. China has provisions of the loess plateau, floating dust in Japan with their own regulations "off east Asia clay".