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Stick to the strength of the dust




Stick to dust force two objects, surface contact between a tiny gravity, it is not people familiar with the universal gravitation, not magnetic force, also is not static electricity, it is a kind of molecular and molecules, group and molecular mass of the force between, in the textbook call it "was the van, force", or "van der Waals force".


Microscopically speaking, single atoms or molecules in the negatively charged electron clouds has a center, the positively charged nuclei are also has a center, when the two centers don't overlap, there is electric dipole. A single dipole may be fast changing, may also be relatively stable, but DuoGe dipole gather together, will be around to objects produce gravitational pull. This is very weak, its gravity value of the chemical bonds than small 1 ~ 2 orders of magnitude. His role is very narrow, the interval are from the gravity disappeared; The distance is too close (> 7?) A cloud, and the adjacent when overlap molecular and repel each other, see figure 1-5.


Chalk stay on the blackboard, because the van, can deal with the force was powder; Chalk head will not be the blackboard stick, because and gravity, compared the van, force insignificant. Val


Of the dust in the air crash each other, because the force, the van was integrated into a big star, with dust. Indoor dust into the walls and stay in where, make wall "fade" or form black stains. Rough surface of the contact with dust, the more easy to stick to dust.


The filter is a labyrinth of filter medium, place oneself among them dust have more opportunities than usual, and because of the hit obstacles filter medium are pervasive in the van, the force and to stay. Val


In certain cases, electrostatic force was also involved in the process of capture dust. If the filter medium with static, and filter the effect will be improved obviously, one of the reasons to change track and dust cyclone hit obstacles, the second is the van, electrostatic force was more than force will stick to dust. Dust can also be artificially and static, and makes them easier to other objects, such as household static adsorption filter and industrial use of electrostatic precipitator.