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Filter resistance


Filters on airflow resistance formation. Filter formation, increase, and the resistance increased resistance to a big e., filter, the resistance of the new filter scrap says "primary resistance", corresponding to filter the resistance of the scrap value says "the end resistance".


When the design, often need a typical resistance value to the design of the accounting system, the air resistance value says "design resistance", idiomatic method is to take the beginning and end of the average drag resistance.


Sure end resistance


The choice of end resistance directly related to the service life of the filter, air system range, system energy consumption.


Usually, the selection of end resistance is empty off the thing of stylist. Experienced engineers can according to the site condition change the original design of the end resistance value.


Some designers will forget to tell the user what he selected end resistance value; Sometimes the user will change of other types of filters or other suppliers. At this time, the engineers have to determine the resistance value end.


In most cases, the use of the filter end early resistance is the resistance 2 ~ 4 times.


Filter the dirty, the faster growth resistance. The high end resistance value does not mean that the service life of the filter will be extended, but obviously it will make the air volume air conditioning system down sharply. Therefore, there is no need to end resistance value set will be too high. Some test standard test condition is terminated when resistance for "primary resistance 2 times or more of the time", and the policy and the actual conditions of use didn't DuoDa relationship.


Low efficiency filter often use 10 μ m diameter of coarse fiber filter material. Due to the large gap between fiber, and too much resistance could be filter of formation, at this time, wind resistance, but no longer increases the efficiency of filtering zero. Therefore, to strictly limit the G4 of the end resistance value filter.


The efficiency of filtering specifications end resistance Suggestions


Filter to end resistance, is likely to mean that immediately to replace filter, can also mean to do plan for tomorrow, next week or next month replacement filters. How about users end resistance depends on the specific provisions and the operator of experience.


Resistance monitoring


For each filter shall be installed with resistance monitoring devices. Resistance to end by instruments to judge, not only with the help of human feeling.


The cheapest resistance monitoring device is u-shaped pipe pressure differential program. Inclined pipe pressure differential program than U shape, high accuracy and the beautiful some. Pointer type differential gauge class and prices are higher. Differential pressure transmitter can will become current or voltage resistance signal, and lost to control system.


In addition to the resistance of the monitoring device outside readings, still should end resistance and alarm device. Save trouble method is to pressure differential program Red Cross its poles; Insurance method is to use differential pressure switch.