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Filtration efficiency


Air filter "filter efficiency" is caught with the original air HanChenLiang dust is the ratio of the:


The significance of the efficiency of the seemingly simple, but it's meaning and value but by test methods of different and different.


In deciding the efficiency of filtering factors, dust "quantity" DuoZhong diversity, the meaning of this calculation and measurement out of the filter efficiency numerical also is multifarious. Practical, dust, and the dust is the total weight of the particle number; Sometimes is for a typical particle size is the amount of dust and, and, and, and all the amount of dust particle size; And with particular approach to reflect the concentration of the introduction to the amount of light (colorimetric method), fluorescence (amount of fluorescence method); Have some sort of state of the instantaneous quantity, also have diffuse the whole efficiency of the values of the test changes the weighted average volume.


For the same only filter used different methods to test, measurement efficiency value would be different. Every country, every manufacturer use test method of unity to filter the effect, explain and expression is completely different. Leave the testing method, the efficiency of filtering cannot survive.


Historically, make ventilation and clean room filter is a group of men, make cars of filter is another group, in addition to make up the dust, liquid filtration, each of them with the method, the efficiency of the said. When the air filter factory car of filter is mixed when buying, or dust catcher factory development when their own air filter, also hard to avoid can be what he says the efficiency of filtering confused.


In order to save trouble ice reduce misunderstanding, foreign appeared some use the method of efficiency said code, the code that is clearly the test method, also identified efficiency index, and the 2.1 "filtration efficiency signs" and 2.2 "filter efficiency specification comparison". Now, the world of filter manufacturers are squeezing out the Chinese market, and domestic manufacturers to all kinds of background of users in order to promote products, also follow one's inclinations to use efficiency logo. All kinds of efficiency numerical and efficiency user, designers and manufactory noun muddle.


In addition, filtering theory has a "single fiber efficiency", it is a more than 100% of geometric meaning, as shown in the book about the next of filtration theory of related content. A bit not carefully, make the theory also will efficiency problem dizzy vegetables.


In this chaotic situation, if you must know the specific efficiency numerical, please don't forget the specific provisions of the testing method and the computation efficiency of the method.