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Collision and stuck


In the air the dust particles, or air do with inertial, or do no rules, or by some kind of a movement of forces and mobile. When in the movement of particles hit obstacles, particles and obstacles exist between the surface of the van, val force to they stick together.


Fiber filter material


The filter material should be able to effectively intercept: not only, and no air dust particles formed big resistance. Nonwoven fiber materials and specialty paper conform to the requirements. Mixed and disorderly the formation of fiber woven dust of countless barrier between the broad, fiber space allows smooth through the air.


Principle of inertia


Large particles in the air in inertial. Air barrier around the particles in, because of the inertial deviating from the direction of gas flow and hit the barrier. The greater the particles, the stronger the inertial force, the likelihood of a hit obstacles, so the filter, the better the results.


Spread principle


Small particles do no rules of Brownian motion. No rules of sports do math treatment using mass transfer theory when the "spread" theory, so have spread principle to say. The smaller particles, no rules the severe impact obstacles, movement, so the more opportunities of filtration, the better the results.


Efficiency with dust particles size just


Filter capture amount of dust in the air for not filtering the ratio of the amount of dust for "filter efficiency". Less than 0.1 u m (microns) particle mainly does diffusion movement, the greater the particles, efficiency is higher; More than 0.5 u m particle mainly does, the greater the inertial particles, the higher efficiency.


In 0.1 ~ 0.5 u m between, efficiency is a low, the size of the dust filter.




Fiber make airflow around the smile, produce resistance. The resistance is the sum of countless fiber filter resistance.


Filter with the gas flow resistance increases with the increasing of increasing filtering materials, through the area, can reduce the relative wind, the filter material to reduce filter resistance.


Dynamic performance



Caught in gas to generate additional dust resistance, then, in the resistance of the filter used to increase gradually. Caught and dust filter medium are one, form new obstacles, then, filtration efficiency improve slightly.


Caught fighting dust gathered in filter materials on the wind. The greater the filter area, can hold the dust filter, the more the service life is long.


Filter scrap


Filter dust more more, the greater the resistance. When resistance to design not allowed degree, the life of the filter to kill you. Sometimes, too much resistance will make filter already capture dust off, appear this kind of danger, filter should also condemned.




If the filter material static or dust with with electrostatic, the filtering effect can be significantly improved.


The reason: the static electricity make dust change trajectory and crashed into obstacles, electrostatic force stuck in work.